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Battle for the Abyss (The Horus Heresy)

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As for criticisms of this book for not ‘furthering the narrative’, I’m going to be blunt: I just don’t care. They’re true, it doesn’t move the overarching narrative forward…but I don’t think it was really intended to, and that’s totally fine. Personally I think the Heresy is better for having a few books exploring stories that take place away from the main narrative – not just this one, but books like Nemesis and The Damnation of Pythos too. I could talk for a long time on this topic, and how much I’d have preferred to see the Heresy broadened out into a setting as opposed to a single series, but that’s better left to a separate article another time. Suffice to say, I find it strange that anyone would criticise a book which doesn’t really try to ‘further the narrative’ for…not furthering the narrative. That’s just not what this book is for. Instead, it broadens the scope of the setting, reminding readers that there was more going on than just what was happening in the ‘big’ moments, and indeed that huge moments for some characters can end up having barely any impact on the rest of the galaxy.

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Struggle for the Void introduced again a few of the motion and likewise composing that made the earlier publications so superb. As well as, whereas Descent of Angels and likewise Legion occurred proper previous to the occasions of the Horus Heresy, this book occurs after the events of the earlier books, progressing the timeline. Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar • Leman Russ: The Great Wolf • Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero • Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia • Lorgar: Bearer of the Word • Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix • Ferrus Manus: Gorgon of Medusa • Grandfather's Gift • Perturabo: Stone and Iron • Malcador: First Lord of the Imperium • Konrad Curze: A Lesson in Darkness • Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris • Vulkan: Lord of Drakes • Sons of the Emperor • Corax: Lord of Shadows • Angron: Slave of Nuceria • Scions of the Emperor • Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter • Ghost of Nuceria • The Passing of Angels • The Abyssal Edge • Mercy of the Dragon • Lion El'Jonson: Lord of the First • Illyrium • The Revelation of the Word • Morningstar • Will of the Legion • Embers of Extinction • Alpharius: Head of the Hydra • Blood of the Emperor • Loyal Sons • Mortarion: The Pale King • Rogal Dorn: The Emperor's Crusader • Sanguinius: The Great Angel • Heirs of The EmperorI The Solar War • II The Lost and the Damned • III The First Wall • Sons of the Selenar • IV Saturnine • Fury of Magnus • V Mortis • VI Warhawk • VII Echoes of Eternity • Garro: Knight of Grey • VIII The End and the Death ( Volume I • Volume II • Volume III) The characters themselves are fine. There’s an interesting side plot about the Space Wolf, Brynngar, having a confrontation with the Thousand Son, Mhotep, about his use of the Warp. However, this culminates in a way to remove Brynngar’s agency from the equation and mean that it also felt pointless. It’s not resolved in a meaningful way and only really serves to inject some artificial tension and separate Mhotep from the rest of the Space Marines. The sort of standout here is the World Eater, Skraal, who spends most of his time trapped on the Word Bearer’s ship, the Furious Abyss, doing what World Eaters do best, killing folk. He’s enjoyable for his single-minded, behind enemy lines almost Rambo-esque side plot. However, he’s never really developed and the story spends hardly any time exploring his adventures onboard the Abyss, so it felt aimless at best. Our main man Cestus, the Ultramarine, is fine. He’s your standard Ultramarine and never develops beyond that. Image Credit: Michael Sykes

Battle for the Abyss: The Horus Heresy, Book 8 (Audio

The surviving World Eaters were led by both Skraal and the Ultramarine officer Antiges on a daring sabotage mission against the Furious Abyss — the destroyer of the Fist of Macragge and much of Cestus' investigatory fleet - whilst the Word Bearers' vessel had dropped anchor at Bakka Triumveron. [1e] Skraal alone survived this disastrous mission, a 'hidden guest' aboard the Word Bearers' ship. [1g] Avoiding all attempts to capture or kill him, Skraal also managed to resist being suborned by the words of the Word Bearer's commander, Zadkiel. [1h] Adherent of the Abyss says: [Shath'Yar] YOU FOOLS! You cannot hope to comprehend the power you now trifle with!Amryx: Wounded during a daemonic incursion aboard the Wrathful. Killed whilst attempting a boarding action on the Furious Abyss.

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It’s easy to breeze through the book in a few hours straight, and I think that’s how it was intended to be read. Go into it with no preconceptions and it can prove to be an enjoyable if somewhat forgettable action novel.

Cestus: Honour Guard Commander, Fleet Commander and Captain. Died of wounds inflicted aboard the Furious Abyss.

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